German American Reenactor Exchange Program

The plan is to establish a mutual visiting program of members of the 1st North Carolina Cavalry worldwide. The visitor bears the costs for the trip and will be housed by the comrades he is visiting.

On the occasion of the wedding of Cpl. Gernot Duda and Monika Brummer on July, 14, 2001, Major Dave Acevedo, Co. A, and 1st Sergeant Gary Edmisten, Co. D, came the long way to Germany to participate in the festivity. Gary presented a North Carolina State Flag, which was certified as having been flown over the Capitol in Raleigh, NC, on March, 21, 2001.

The visit of the comrades from the US was not solely for the purpose of attending the wedding, but allowed them the opportunity to learn more about the home country of their German comrades.  The members of Co. G acted as personal tour guides for their American friends.


In May 2002, Cpl. Duda and his wife travelled to the US to visit 1st Sergeant Gary Edmisten in North Carolina.  As a surprise, Pvt. Richard Hunter from Co. A, in California, travelled the long distance from the west coast to see his German friends.  The first highlight of the trip to North Carolina was a barbeque, arranged by 1st Sergeant Edmisten for his guests.  During the next two weeks they visited a lot of historical and interesting sites, like Ft. Fisher, Ft. Macon, the Bennett Place and Old Salem.

Three years later, in November 2005, Gernot Duda, now Sergeant, made the trip over the pond to visit his friends in Co. A, in California.  Major
Acevedo and Pvt. Richard Hunter showed him a lot of interesting sites in their home state, including a three day trip through the Gold Country.
The highlight of this trip was getting to participate in one of Californias largest ACW reenactments, in Moorpark. In the photo you see Sergeant Duda (on the left, as Private) together with his comrades of Co. A.

It was June 2009, when again a wedding brought Major Acevedo back to Germany. Gernot Duda, now 1st Sergeant, and Sabine Höfling said their "I do's" in Grossostheim, Bavaria.  On this day, Major Acevedo was a very important guest.  He was the witness of marriage for his friend Gernot.  After this great day Major Acevedo made a trip to the Rhine-Area before he returned home to the States.

Major Acevedo (2nd on the left) commanding the guard of honor

Travelling back to the other side, Gernot and Sabine Duda started their three week tour through the eastern and southeastern US in September, 2009.  First they visited with 1st Sergeant Gary Edmisten, and his wife Teresa, and spent two wonderful days at their home in North Carolina. The trip then continued on to Charleston, SC, and then on to Savannah and Atlanta in Georgia.
In Asheville, NC, 1st Sergeant Duda did some research to find the old site of Camp Woodfin, the "birthplace" of Co. G.
The next highlight of the tour was Raleigh, NC, where the visitors met with Tom Belton, Curator of the North Carolina Museum of History, and Capt. Maynard Riddle, Commanding Officer of Co. I.  Tom Belton allowed them a view "behind the scenes" down in the secret halls of the museum, and presented for their viewing original uniforms and arms from the Civil War.  At this time 1st Sergeant Duda took the opportunity to present$50 donation from Co. G to the museum for preserving North Carolina Battle Flags. Later they had lunch with Capt. Riddle and got to know each other better.

Gernot Duda, Tom Belton und Maynard Riddle

Next stop was Winston-Salem, NC.  In Old Salem, Gernot and Sabine Duda met with Chris Hartley, author of "Stuart's Tarheels." After lunch in the Old Salem Tavern, Chris graciously signed Gernot's copy of his book.

Chris Hartley and Gernot Duda infront of the Old Salem Tavern/Winston-Salem

At Sharpsburg, Maryland, the visitors met with Dick Weeks.  He offered to be their personal tour guide on the Antietam Battlefield.  During this tour Dick related to them a lot of interesting, fascinating and sometimes funny stories and facts about this battle in 1862. 

Dick Weeks and Gernot Duda infront of the Visitors-Center Antietam Battlefield

In 2013, 4 members of the "Buncombe Rangers", Gernot Duda, Svend Tennigkeit, Daniela Hoerl and Manuel Ebel, made the trip to the US for thebiggest event in history for Co. G, 1st NC Cavalry. The bugler sounded "To Arms" for the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg/Pennsylvania and the "Buncombe Rangers" from Germany followed the call. Supported by Co. C, 1st NC Cavalry, who supplied them with arms, black powder and food they had awesome 5 days on the reenactment at Bushel's Farm near Gettysburg. Overall members of Co.'s B, C, D and G were present on this event and the german reenactors found a lot of new friends.

Members of the 1st NC Cavalry at Gettysburg

After the event at Gettysburg, the "Buncombe Rangers" started their tour through North Carolina. At Raleigh they met Tom Belton, former curator of the North Carolina Museum of History. He showed them the 150th Civil War Anniversary Exhibition at the museum. At this time 1st Sergeant Duda took the opportunity to present$100 donation from Co. G to the museum for preserving North Carolina Battle Flags.

On July,4th, the four german fellows visited 1st Sgt. Gary Edmisten at his home in Matthews, NC to celebrate Independence Day. Gary Edmisten presented to them a home made company flag designed by himself. Later they were invited to spend an evening with the local goup of the American Legion what they accepted deeply grateful.

Manuel Ebel, Svend Tennigkeit, Gary Edmisten, Gernot Duda and Daniela Hoerl with the modern Co. G flag.

It was in September 2014, when 1st Sgt. Duda met Capt. Hakan Nordstrom of Co. E and his lady Anna Ekenstierna during a vaccation in Sweden. Capt. Nordstom was so kind to show the Duda family the Western Theme Park "High Chaparall". As a little "Thank you" for this wonderful day, Sgt. Duda presented a bottle of his world famous "Hudson Bay Rum". A few days later they met again at Brakne-Hoby, place of a Civil War Reenactment in Sweden.

2017, Gernot Duda and Hakan Nordstrom met the 2nd time. Again Sgt. Duda used his vaccation in Sweden to participate in a swedish Civil War reenactment at Brakne-Hoby. He and Capt. Nordstrom were acting as Yankees. Gernot as a soldier of the 1st North Carolina Union Volunteers, Hakan as Capt. of the 3rd New Jersey Butterflies. For Sgt. Duda, it was a very impressive event, giving him the chance to see how the swedish people are doing Civil War reenactments.

Gernot Duda and Hakan Nordstrom